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  • akokotakra, poultry farmer's best friend

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the poultry farmer's
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Manage The Operations Of Your Birds With Ease...
Akokotakra (a mobile web technology for the poultry industry) handles both single and multiple farms at different locations to put the farm owner or manager in full control of his business and to maximize productivity.
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excellent record keeping from day one!

Akokotakra comes with a powerful feature that enables the poultry farmer to easily know the cost effectiveness of his feed. With the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) calculator, you can know the average weight gains of your birds as against the expected benchmarks per the type, sex, breed, feed and age of your birds. Know the recommended daily feed intake of your birds at the various age of growth to minimize feed wastage or malnutrition. Record all feed information on your feed registration tab.
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