How it Works?

Akokotakra farm management software enables the poultry farmer to record, monitor, keep track and analyze all their farm operations easily. Feed, drugs, birds, eggs collection, sales, purchases, payroll etc are all in one place and effectively managed.

Complete poultry farm management

Farm Management

Monitor and analyze all activities on your poultry farm with ease. Management of your birds from stocking of batches of your day old chicks to daily usage of drugs, feed are all easily managed. Simple step registration of all your pen houses for easy stock allocation of day old chicks.

Eggs Collection

Track and analyze the laying rate of pen houses per each batch stocked. Fewer clicks with simple entries of number of trays collected from each pen house, the date collected, and type of eggs being good or broken are easily recorded and managed.

Sales and purchases

Easy management of a farm and its customers together with their sales. Debtor and creditor management of customers and suppliers respectively are easily handled with their overdue notifications. Recording and tracking of their payments are all in one single place.


All your invoices and receipts are readily available on your sales recordings. Items, date of sale, date due are track on your farm invoices. Generate and track your receipts and invoice on your sales and send them via emails to your farm stakeholders.


Employee records and payments are easily monitor on monthly basis. This gives a fair idea of reports on farm employees. Never miss the recording of salaries of your employees on farm when the date is due. Set date of payment of salary and is automatically reflected on your payroll records.

Farm Financials

Keep track of all your financial records from sales, purchases, unlimited income and expenditure accounts. All your farm financials being date specific, fiscal year, batches etc reports are easily managed and generated. Reports for profit and loss, balance sheets and trial balance are readily available and can be sent via email to stakeholders


Powerful Analytical Dashboard?

Real time insights of your farm records where every single entry is visualized for informed decisions on your financials and physical stability of your flock.

Are you a poultry farmer?

The first incentive you give yourself as a poultry farmer is your farm data. Keep excellent records of your farm from stocking of day old chicks to sales of your eggs and birds for insightful decisions. Know where adjustments can be made on any shortcomings on your farm.


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General Questions

Is a poultry management system for effective record keeping of your farm for financial insights and stability of your flock.

Effective record keeping helps you to plan, forecast and know where adjustments can be made should there be any short comings in your farm.

We take data security and privacy very seriously on Akokotakra. Akokotakra is hosted on world class data center under 24 hour surveillance with automatic backup of your precious farm data.
We also ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches and more importantly our plans includes SSL encryption to keep your data safe.

Are an you individual, credit institution, insurance company, government, distributor, retailer? Do you need industry insights to help the modern poultry farmer? Kindly contact us and let's innovate and scale up the industry together.

Setting up is very easy. After your 3 easy onboarding steps you have access to your dashboard to start managing your farm with ease. You can always use our onboarding and customer support contact if you have any problem.

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